Mission : Our oath is to dedicate ourselves as a teacher & guide to help the students, with excellence in teaching, discovery of new techniques of learning, for the students who wants to make their carrier in the field of medical. We are committed to perform our commitment of teaching as a religion, and to foster an inclusive, diverse community that reflects our world and addresses the most challenging issues in health care education.

Vision : To develop and nurture a diverse and academically outstanding community of faculty, students, trainees, and staff, who each contribute to excellence in our missions.
To promote sustained, robust professional and personal growth, productivity, accountability, integrity, and synergistic collaboration, and synergy of faculty, students, and staff.
To develop humanistic, skilled, intellectually disciplined, and authoritative medical professionals for interdisciplinary health care delivery, who are committed to the highest ideals and standards of the profession and who model an exceptional standard of care for those they treat, lead, and serve with optimized safety, service, outcome and resource use.
To educate and inspire the next generation of leaders in health care, biomedical sciences, health services research, and academic medicine to seek, provide and sustain unparalleled achievements in service, teaching, and research.

Our Values : Excellence, Teamwork, Communication, Diversity, Integrity, Discovery of new techniques of learning, Accountability. We strive for excellence in all our endeavors and we hold in high regard the teamwork, communication and relationships that catalyze this distinctiveness. Diversity and inclusiveness are deeply respected values and are supported throughout the institution, for they greatly enrich our learning, We continuously look for innovative ways to improve our education, and student care efforts in order to serve best to our diverse communities. We strive to create a culture of accountability that aligns goals and expectations and links rewards and recognition to high performance.

Our Core Functioning :
1. Composite Foundation Programes of 1 Year & 2 Year,
2. Printed Study Materials (English)
3. Manual Study Materials
4. Offline Test Series for NEET & CBSE 10+2
5. Online Problem Discussion

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