Biology Daily Capsule- 10


Q1. The set of unpaired chromosomes are called-

a) Diploid                     b) Haploid                            c) Pyrimidine                      d) Cytosine

Q2. Genetic constitution of organism is called-

a) Phenotype                b) Genotype                         c) Allele                               d) Cytokinesis

Q3. In plants food is stored in the form of starch, in animals it is generally stored in the form of –

a) Maltose                      b) Glycogen                           c) Sucrose                         d) None of these

Q4.chicken pox is caused by virus-

a) Rhino virus               b) Varicella Zoster               c) Herpes virus               d) Arbovirus

Q5. The hotness or pungency of chilli pepper is due to ?

a) Cucumin                     b) sorbitol                             c) Argenol                         d) Capsaicin

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