Biology Daily Capsule -7


Q1.  Birds which swim in water have-

a) Webbed feet         b) Broad wings          c) Long Beaks              d) Toes with Claws

Q2. Animals living in the tree trunks are known as-

a) Volant                    b) Arboreal                 c) Amphibious             d) Aquatics

Q3. Which of the following is correct about cold-blooded animals?

a) Their blood remains cold all the time

b) Their body temperature changes in accordance with atmosphere

c) Their body temperature remains constant all the time

d) They kill all the animals they came across.

Q4. Which of the following animals has the longest life span?

a) Elephant               b) Crocodile                   c) Dog                          d) Tortoise

Q5. Food is stored in plants in the form which carbohydrate ?

a) Starch                    b) Glucose                       c) Fructose                 d) Cellulose

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