Biology Daily Capsule-6


Q1. The Heat treatment applied to milk to stabilize and to remove disease causing bacteria is called as-

a) Pasteurization            b) Fermentation        c) Coagulation             d) homogenization

Q2. Which of the following is the smallest bird?

a) Peacock                        b) Penguin                   c) Humming Bird       d) Emu

Q3. Mitochondria was discovered by-

a) Weismann                   b) Darwin                      c) Lamarck                  d) Richard Altmann

Q4. Which of the following is a parthenocarpic fruit?

a) Apple                             b) Banana                     c) Mulberry               d) Strawberry

Q5. Disorder in which concentration of glucose in the blood is high-

a) Glycosuria                   b) Hyperglycemia         c) Glucoma               d) uremia

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