Biology Daily Capsule-5


Q1. An example of Hormone is-

a) Cytosine                 b) Renin        c) Oxytocin         d) Pepsin

Q2. Which endocrine gland is found in chest cavity?

a) Pineal Gland       b) Thymus gland          c) Adrenal Gland       d) Thyroid Gland

Q3. Blue Revolution is related to-

a) Space research       b) Poultry                  c) Drinking water      d) Fisheries

Q4. Amino acids are required for the synthesis of:

a) Alkaloids                 b) lipids                       c) Proteins                    d) Carbohydrates

Q5. Transpiration increases in:

a) Hot, dry and windy condition                  b) Hot, damp and windy condition

c) Cool, damp and windy condition             d)Cool, dry and still condition

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