Biology Daily Capsule – 3


Also for SSC, CTET, TET, NEET, UG Entrance Exams

Q1. Which of the following vitamins are water soluble?

a) Vitamin  A & Vitamin B                               b) Vitamin B & Vitamin C

c) Vitamin C & Vitamin D                                d) Vitamin A & Vitamin K

Q2. The most abundant element in the earth’s atmosphere is-

a) Argon                            b) Nitrogen      c) Oxygen              d) Krypton

Q3. Sphygmomanometer measures the blood pressure in the-

a) Veins               b) Arteries                     c) Eyes                     d) Synovial

Q4. Manufacturing food by the process of photosynthesis in the plants is an example of 

a) anabolism                                                           b) Catabolism

c) Both anabolism & catabolism                        d) None of these

Q5. Food is normally digested in the

a) Liver             b) Stomach                         c) Small Intestine        d) Large Intestine

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