NEET Daily Capsule


Q1.  Bryophytes are-

a. Round worms

b. All homosporous

c. Mostly Homosporous

d. None of these

Q2. Which of the following kinds of atoms do not occur  in carbohydrates

a. Carbon    b. Nitrogen    c. Hydrogen    d. Oxygen

Q3. Operculum is not present in

a. Birds                          b. Sea Fish

c. Cartilaginous fish   d.  None of these

Q4. In RNA nucleotides are attached by

a. Peptide Bonds

b. Hydrogen Bonds

c. Covalent Bonds

d. Phosphodiester Bonds

Q5. Which is a parasitic plant

a. Cuscuta

b. Ferns

c. Mosses

d. Rose

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